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We are the leading real estate broker company in Poland
Our clients highly appreciate the quality of our services. The majority of them return to the company or recommend us to their friends
No upfront payments, no risks and no financial losses. You pay only once the deal is done
Optimized Sourcing
We know how to find your perfect home
Quick Deals
Our agents will make sure that the sale or lease of your property is complete as soon as possible

Having your own home is a dream. We can help you make that dream come true. Regardless of what you are looking for - an apartment or a house, buying or renting - we will make sure that you get the keys to your dream as soon as possible. All you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to relocate!

Chekashoff Estate - your trusted real estate assistant

We know how essential it is to have a cozy and reliable home. This is why we will attentively hear out all of your preferences and find something that matches your needs. We are the choice for a number of reasons:

Professionalism. Our company employs true professionals with a background of fascinating knowledge and experience in real estate. They are brilliant at what they do. Every month our team organizes competitions with huge prizes. This is excellent motivation to move forward only.

First-class training. Each agent was trained by top-level speakers in the Realtor Industry, and proved to be a leader and a qualified specialist. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

Personal approach. We respect your preferences and wishes, so we consider them when searching for your new home. Our agents are always available and ready to discuss the details, and important matters. And in case they are occupied, you can always expect a reply from the contact center. That means we won't stop until we've found your perfect property!

Years of experience. Real estate is our strong suit. These are no empty words, since we have over 4 000 successful deals. And that's 4 000 happy owners of their dream home!

A reliable team. Over the years our team has created a friendly environment where everyone supports each other. In this kind of environment, achieving your objectives is only a pleasure.

Focused on you. This is more than just a job for us. When we see that this is what you have been looking for, we are genuinely happy along with you. The sparkle in your eyes is our greatest reward. Every customer's need on the market will be satisfied.

Constant growth. As the world around us progresses, so do we. As our plans grow, our staff of agents grows as well. We are happy to have on our team anyone who is willing to face tough challenges and strive to reach the stars. We will provide you with comprehensive support, the opportunity to continuously develop your skills and a job you can enjoy!

Our agency accompanies
all types of real
estate transactions
Buy an apartment
Buy an apartment
Find a flat in a new or secondary housing
Sell your apartment
Sell your apartment
Find new owner
Rent an apartment
Rent an apartment
Find a long term flat
Rent out your apartment
Rent out your apartment
Find you a tenant or lodger
& Director
We take all
the responsibility

for your deal

Working with us is easy, all you'll need to do is send an application stating the parameters of the apartment. The rest is taken care of by us: selection of the flat, clarification of the terms of the lease, possible pitfalls.

Result: You can rent an apartment for no less than 1 day

3 years

in the Polish market of real estate

168 apartments

are rented out a month

87 %

of our clients come back to us for our services
or recommend our services to their friends

A real estate broker is an irreplaceable member of a successful deal. He is involved in all stages: advertising placement, organizing meetings with clients and prepping the paperwork, conclusion of contracts and notarization.
We offer the fast services when it comes to finding clients for your property. On an average, we seal a deal anywhere from 3 to 7 days after a contract has been signed with our agency.
Our realtors are professionals in their field, which will seal a deal quickly and with maximum profit for you. Their main advantages are years of experience and the expertise in all aspects of procedure.
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