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Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the Chekashoff Estate Referral Programme - a unique opportunity to earn extra income simply by recommending our services to your acquaintances, colleagues, clients, partners and subscribers.

What is a referral programme and how does it work?

Register on our website and receive a personal referral link, which you can place on your website, social media, blog, as well as generate a custom qr code and place it anywhere in the offline environment. When visitors follow the link and become clients of Chekashoff Estate, you receive income of 10% of the broker's commission from each converted visitor (average broker's commission check is 3500 zł).

And what is conversion? It is when a visitor to our website becomes a client by making a deal with us, renting out their property through us or renting a home. So the more clients you bring to us, the more money you make.

Benefits of the Chekashoff Estate referral programme

The first and most important advantage is the ease of earning. You can easily earn extra income, especially if you have a business in Poland or are a blogger with an audience similar to our target audience. By recommending our website to your acquaintances, you can earn extra money without straining.

The second advantage is the opportunity to promote your business or personal brand. You can put our link on your website, blog, social media, etc. This will not only help you earn extra money, but also attract new visitors to you.

Last but not least is the opportunity to become part of a successful company. Chekashoff Estate is a real estate agency with many years of experience in the real estate market in Poland. We offer a wide range of properties, quality service and guarantee our clients reliability and security. The clients you bring to us will be very grateful! ;)

Don't miss your chance to earn extra money with the Chekashoff Estate!

Register online and receive a unique referral link
Post the link on any resource and bring visitors to our website
Receive a % of the broker's commission from each visitor who becomes a client of ours
We identify a partner by the unique link you receive when you register in the referral programme. When a visitor clicks on this link and takes a targeted action (call, application or online chat), we immediately see this information and attach the potential client to your account. As soon as this client pays for our services, you automatically receive a premium of 10% of the broker's commission on this transaction.
For your convenience, in your partner's personal cabinet you will be able to see your unique link click-through statistics, as well as information about the number of visitors you have brought to your website, those who have become clients, and the amount of your earnings. All data is presented in a convenient format, including graphs, which will help you control your achievements and view your progress over time.
As soon as you have submitted an affiliate application and it has been successfully confirmed, you will get access to your personal affiliate profile. From there you will be able to request payment for referred clients on the "Payouts" tab. Once you have requested the payment, we will credit your credit card within three days.
You can request a payout no more than once every few days. Once you have sent your withdrawal request the request button will automatically become inactive for three days until the money you have accumulated is credited to your account. However, in order to request a payout you must have at least 1000 zł in your account.
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